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NoISy Apartment developments

House prices are high, everything is getting more expensive, we all work hard, so when we spend our hard earned money we want to get the best value possible. This unfortunately is not the case with a lot of housing developments going up, especially some that we would expect to be of a higher standard, as they are often more expensive and developing in affluent areas. Building regulations for sound insulation are so low, with no increase in requirements for many many years. Builders have regulations to meet, and tests to pass but this does not always mean that there is not a problem within your home from noise. New owners are told we have passed the requirement that is all we need to do! Imagine you have managed to get a mortgage, just moved into your new apartment, you are full of dreams and then the nightmare begins, you are living next to the most noisy neighbours ever! As with all of our enquiries with this very same problem, we say it is not necessarily your neighbours who are noisy, but the apartment block you live in! We continue to try to help owners who have this very issues, they we suggest going back to the developers, who quite frankly know there is an issue, but are far too greedy to put things right, if they even know how to. Also they have the fear that more residents will come forward and say they have the same issue, so they just keep denying, defending, and hopefully it will all go away! Dot and dab applications are a lot of the problems and cause flanking paths within the walls, which allows the sound to transfer behind the boards causes serious issues within peoples homes. This application is common and widely used, because of cost and efficiency, to get projects completed quickly and within budget for the builders and developers alike, keep profits as high as possible!

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