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MAKE your space Great

Now more than ever commercial soundproofing is invaluable. Whether you are experiencing a lot of noise transfer from office space to office space, through cross talk or the reverberation in your business space is making it impossible for your staff to carry out conversations and an unpleasant experience for your visitors, we have solutions.  


The long term health impacts of noise pollution can be very serious, causing headaches and stress.  These issues are all unnecessary and easy to fix with our products and installations we can solve these problems quickly and simply. Making your space sound great. 

Areas of

  • Walls

  • Ceilings

  • Floors

  • Pipework Treatment

  • Venting Treatment

  • Machinery Treatment

Typical commercial sources of noise transfer

  • Music Venue noise transmission

  • Noise transfer between meeting rooms

  • External noise from outside the building/space

  • Noise transfer from offices below or above

  • Noise from ventilation units i.e Air-conditioning

  • Noise transfer from machinery

  • Noisy pipework


Why choose pinnacle sound?

We carry all industry standard sound proofing materials as well as hard to find  and the highest quality soundproofing materials as well and much, much more. Why spend time looking through multiple websites with limited selection when you can find all the soundproofing services/materials you will ever need at Pinnacle Sound?

We only use the highest quality products

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Contact our soundproofing experts for advice on which products will work best for your situation.  Whether you are building a studio, constructing a recording booth, building a home cinema or simply trying to eliminate outside noise or noisy neighbours, we have the professional products and experience in the soundproofing field that will help you complete your next project.

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