Soundproofing in Hampshire

Issues with noisy neighbours in Hampshire? Room to Room noise transfer within your home?  If so, Pinnacle Sound can help with a specially tailored soundproofing application to fit achieve your required up lift and fit within your budget.

Residential and Commercial Soundproofing in Hampshire

Now more than ever commercial soundproofing is invaluable throughout Hampshire. Whether you are experiencing a lot of noise transfer from office space to office space, through cross talk or the reverberation in your Hampshire business space is making it impossible for your staff to carry out conversations and an unpleasant experience for your visitors, we have solutions. 


 The purpose of Soundproofing is to either reduce noise from entering a room or to reduce noise from leaving a room. Soundproofing is achieved by using materials that either reduce or absorb sound. Usually, Sound cannot be stopped completely, substantial noise reduction is possible.

Soundproofing Hampshire

Thick walls, permanent and temporary walls, foam, room dividers and curtains are among the materials that are used to reduce sound.

Soundproofing materials for reducing noise are often made out of wood and fiberglass. An airtight barrier around the walls or curtains reduces sound by preventing noise from getting through the air holes.

Sound can enter though doors, windows, walls, the floor or the roof. When soundproofing a room, it is essential to evaluate the room to see which areas need to be soundproofed. If you would like Soundproofing in Hampshire, please do not hesitate to contact us.