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By PINNAcle Sound

Pinnacle Sound will work with you to create your perfect home cinema. Whether it’s in your lounge or media room, a dedicated theatre room, or part of a new build home, we’ll manage the project from start to finish and bring the magic of the ‘big screen’ to your home.


We design and install high performance cinema systems, home cinema speakers and home music systems. We are expert home cinema installers with a passion for perfect systems that you can use everyday.



Naturally our specialists create a home cinema experience that perfectly matches your requirements, taking particular care that the system is easy-to-use for all the family. We use the world’s best measurement equipment to calibrate your cinema. This means we can provide the very best audio and visual experience from your investment. Equipment will only take you half way there; the rest is great design and set up – a skill we have mastered over the years.

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Home cinema automation

Alongside home cinema, we specialise in smart home systems and home automation. This is something which can catapult your cinema room into the future. At the touch of a button we can program your projector to fire up, your blinds to lower, your lighting to dim and your underfloor heating to kick in. Want to pause the film? Why not program the lights to come back on at the same time.


With the option of a bespoke wall panel, smart phone app or even a custom touch screen remote control, using your home cinema has never been so easy or enjoyable. Smart home technology is incredibly powerful and can be spread throughout the home.



  • Audio | It’s no exaggeration to say that a good audio system makes up half of the cinematic experience. Let our audio installations bring you into motion with outstanding richness and depth, creating a setting in which the full impact of entertainment can be felt.

  • Screen | At Pinnacle Sound, we know that it’s the small details that make your home cinema system unique, so we always strive to perfectly compose every element. Whether you want a hidden television or simply just a top quality screen, we can install bespoke and dynamic screens for rooms of any size.

  • Projectors | Strong visuals make cinema that much more immersive, enveloping the audience in the action to create a memorable experience. For those after the uniquely high dynamic range (HDR) of images that fill every inch of a huge screen, we offer the latest laser projection technology. Our cutting edge projectors are designed for enthusiasts and experts alike, reproducing colours just as they appear to the naked eye and ensuring a smooth and clear finish.

  • Lighting | Lighting is an integral aspect of home cinema design, helping to create the ideal setting for enjoying film. We use a selection of fittings to help achieve an end result that complements and enhances your setting, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the viewing experience.

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