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When sound becomes noise

We all have to live with a certain amount of noise within our lives but when this escalates, we all suffer and seek a solution. Pinnacle Sound has grown considerably over the years, because now more than ever a lot of homes, businesses and places of recreation are experiencing noise.

Within new builds in particular, dot and dab is the cause of a lot of noise through untreated flanking paths, most builders are not aware of, but the consequences for new home owners is sometimes unbearable, unfortunately we hear this far too often!

Dot and Dab is used to explain a common process within the building industry. The adhering of plasterboards to party walls in this ways, is fast and inexpensive, allowing projects to be finished quickly and more cost effectively. In our experience as sound insulation contractors, dot and dab is the main cause of the problems we uncover, flanking paths behind these dot and dab plasterboard applications, create problems for homeowners. Builders, developers and architects focus on the cost, speed, finish and aesthetics of a build but never or very rarely considered how the build may sound. In a apartment block, if we can hear our neighbours above on their phones, watching their TVs or talking this can be very annoying. This is not necessarily the fault of your neighbours rather the lack of sound insulation in homes or the dot and dab applications creating flanking issues.

Dot and dab creates the perfect path for the energy and forces sound to travel along, causing you to hear things you would rather not. Unfortunately, when you hear noise you cannot just not hear it!!

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