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remove echo from room

Echo is a very common problem in offices, classrooms, and auditoriums. The echo occurs when sound is reflected from one surface to another.


One of the ways that echo can be reduced is through the use of acoustic tiles. Acoustic tiles are panels made of materials like vinyl or rubber that absorb sound waves before they bounce off a nearby surface. These tiles work by absorbing the sound waves and converting them into heat energy which dissipates into the air without causing any echoes to occur.

Some of the most common cures for echo problems include using furniture that doesn't mirror the sound, using mirrors on walls to bounce back some of the sound and reflection, and hanging curtains from ceiling to floor.

As echo is caused by sound waves bouncing off the walls and floor and being amplified back to the speaker.

The sound waves can be reduced or eliminated by absorbing them with materials such as foam, carpet, or curtains.

What are the benefits?

IMPROVED ACOUSTIC QUALITY: By deadening unwanted sound using absorption panels, you can make other sounds much clearer. This leads to improved intelligibility of speech in lecture rooms or performance venues. It can also help in retail and dining environments, (so time isn’t wasted trying to catch what people are saying.)


REDUCE STRESS: Cutting out unwanted noise can help to reduce stress levels too. If people can clearly hear what’s being said, they’re less likely to become irritated and frustrated by their inability to understand what’s going on.


A WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT: If you walk into an office or restaurant and are hit by a wall of noise, it can be off-putting. Cutting noise makes for a more welcoming and pleasant environment. Staff will be able to hear customer requests clearly, and customers will be able to carry on conversations at comfortable levels. This can have benefits in that customers are likely to stay for longer and in consequence spend more money.


IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY: In offices, a space without excess noise can make for greater productivity. It can be easier for staff to hear customers on the phone and make conference rooms places that can be used without worries about confidential information leaking out.


IMPROVED SAFETY: In spaces where there’s a lot of noisy equipment, such as workshops or even computer server rooms, cutting noise can enhance workplace safety too. It makes it easy for employees to communicate clearly and helps to eliminate distractions that can lead to accidents.

Why Choose our Service?

Pinnacle Sound have helped many businesses create a more pleasant environment for all to enjoy.


Reverberation within a space can be very unpleasant for all who work or visit causing havoc on hearing and difficult to have a conversation. We are called because of excess and unbearable noise, making it difficult to work and some mention suffering headaches and more. With our acoustic treatments we take away the noise.

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