Soundproofing in Dorset

Issues with noisy neighbours in Dorset? Room to Room noise transfer within your home? 

Reduce the noise coming into or going out of your home or work place with our proven sound-dampening materials and techniques. We offer tailored soundproofing applications to fit achieve your required up lift and fit within your budget.

Residential and Commercial Soundproofing in DORSET

Customers and staff are becoming increasingly aware of an organisation’s acoustic properties in Dorset. In commercial premises it could be providing a solution to noise control making it easier to have a conversation in a busy bar or a restaurant.


 A dedicated office building in Dorset will have different requirements than an apartment building or a building made for both offices and production facilities

Soundproofing DORSET

There are various residential and commercial soundproofing companies out there but we offer both experience and great, environmentally sound solutions. We have various solutions to assist our clients.