Soundproofing in Bournemouth

Issues with noisy neighbours in Bournemouth? Room to Room noise transfer within your home?  If so, Pinnacle Sound can help with a specially tailored soundproofing application to fit achieve your required up lift and fit within your budget.

Now more than ever commercial soundproofing is invaluable in and around Bournemouth. Whether you are experiencing a lot of noise transfer from office space to office space, through cross talk or the reverberation in your business space is making it impossible for your staff to carry out conversations and an unpleasant experience for your visitors, we have solutions.  

Soundproofing Methods 

Soundproofing Floors
An absorbent layer is laid on the existing floor, with high-density boards on it creates a new floor at the top. The absorption layer and the depth of boarding are usually determined by the amount of sound insulation provided. Special edge treatment creates a seal between the new floor and the skirting board. Some systems recommend installing mineral wool fibres in the gaps between the joists (ie Between your neighbour’s ceiling and your existing floor). The system is usually 15mm to 50 mm thick, so the height of the room will be lost. In order to reduce lateral spread, it is recommended to treat the entire floor of the property. The door gap needs to be checked, and the socket may need to be repositioned

Soundproofing Ceilings
The sound insulation system used to treat the ceiling is usually about 115 mm deep, so a The relatively high ceiling height makes them feasible. They provide a new ceiling acoustically independent of the existing one, there is an absorbent layer in the middle. It is important that no perforation in the new ceiling will affect its acoustics upright

Soundproofing Walls
A new wall is provided, which is acoustically independent from the existing wall. The system usually It is about 60 mm deep, so the reduction in room width will be a consideration. 
For DIY installation, you should have a Have a basic understanding of noise control and be meticulous in your work to ensure the best performance is achieved through materials.