Soundproofing in Wiltshire

You will know the importance of soundproofing in Wiltshire if you have been disturbed by the noises coming from outside your home or business premises. With Pinnacle Sound you can create a peaceful oasis!

Residential and Commercial Soundproofing in WILTSHIRE

The good news is that Pinnacle Sound can improve your home or business environment with

soundproofing, especially soundproof walls and ceilings.


At Pinnacle Sound, we think you should know how soundproofing walls work

and how you can get the best results. In addition to soundproofing your walls, we’ll also discuss the differences between sound absorbing and soundproofing.

Soundproofing WILTSHIRE

You may want to soundproof your property in Wiltshire to reduce echo in the room or improve the acoustics. Perhaps enjoying your home theatre, recording your own music or taking conference calls are all instances where an echo can be annoying.

Perhaps you would like to reduce noise between a shared wall in order to improve privacy? Pinnacle Sound are here to assist you soundproofing in Wiltshire.