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Acoustic Doors Made To Your Specification

  • Acoustic door specifications of 35dB and above

  • Every door made to order with a range of finishes available

  • Supplied with fire rated protection from 30 mins to 240 mins

  • Glass panels can be added with some limitations

  • Bespoke manufacturing options make them suitable for all sectors




  • Veneer Facings: Our high quality veneers are matched and assembled by experienced craftsmen for our large stock in a very broad range of timber species.

  • Glazing Options: Glazed screens can be made in a variety of styles using appropriate glass types and thicknesses to meet the required integrity and insulation.

  • Paint Grades: We offer three painting options to save you time. Each is designed to provide the best finish dependent on material and door use.

  • Laminate Facings: Choose from our stock range of laminates or we can source any laminate of your choice. Laminates offer a tough and easy to clean surface.


  • Door Frames: All frames are manufactured in our wood mill from selected timbers keeping us in complete on control regardless of the project size.

  • Soundproofing: Our custom made doors can meet all your specifications and ensure soundproofing. Our team can advise on the current technical requirements.

  • Door Cores: The core of a fire door is fundamental to controlling the spread of fire. Our materials have undergone independent controlled testing.


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