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Benefits of acoustic secondary glazing for noise insulation

  • Secondary glazing is one of the best ways to reduce noise and sound proof your windows, it can reduce external noise by around 75%. This can be enhanced further by specifying either Laminate glass or Acoustic Glass.

  • Extra security

  • Retains the exterior look/character of the property

  • Creates a quieter environment

  • Reduces sleep disturbance

  • Meets noise planning constraints

  • Aids increased concentration and productivity

  • Protects hearing

  • Keeps annoyance and stress levels low

  • Perfect for aeroplane and traffic noise, busy bar noise, dogs barking and extractor fans.

  • Made to fit any shape and size of window

Reduce outside noise levels for a more peaceful interior

  • Many of the buildings we use for living, studying, working and socialising were built many years ago to standards of their time, but are now unsuited to the demands of life today. So how do we relax when we encounter noise from heavy traffic, aircraft, noisy pubs and clubs or even noisy neighbours.

  • By using the right combination of acoustic secondary glazing to block out the disturbances, you can create comfortable environments to concentrate, enable a peaceful night’s sleep, relax and raise your quality of life.


To what extent does secondary glazing reduce noise pollution in the home?

Secondary glazing correctly specified and installed will acoustically outperform all other types of glazing, including new windows and even triple glazed ones. Installing good secondary glazing really is the best option eah and every time. To achieve up to an 80% acoustic performance we recommend the specification of acoustic glass and an air cavity no less than 150mm – 200mm glass to glass


Sound is measured as a pressure and expressed in dB (decibels), where to the human ear a change of 3dB is just about noticeable. An increase in pressure levels to 10dB approximates to a doubling of loudness.




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