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Managing Sound and Noise

Managing Sound and Noise creating Pleasant environments for all to enjoy

Noisy work places

Pinnacle Sound have helped many businesses create a more pleasant environment for all to enjoy. Reverberation within a space can be very unpleasant for all who work or visit causing havoc on hearing and difficult to have a conversation. We are called because of excess and unbearable noise, making it difficult to work and some mention suffering headaches and more. With our acoustic treatments we take away the noise.

Restaurants and cafes

Does your restaurant or cafe suffer from unwanted noise when you are busy? Architects design wonderful spaces that look amazing, but they sometimes don’t consider the sound/noise within. We are called in because of poor sound quality unwanted noise within a space. Customers complain of unbearable noise within and difficulty having conversations with friends around a table because of too much noise, making a very unpleasant visit. This is all because of the too many hard surfaces, nowhere for the sound/noise to be absorbed. With our acoustic treatments we can blend in with your design to create an aesthetically pleasing solution transforming your business into an environment for all to enjoy.

Schools, colleges and universities

We have improved the sound quality of village halls, restaurants, schools and colleges. With our acoustic applications we manage Sound and remove unwanted noise within spaces. Whether you have a dining room that becomes very noise when many students visit, or you have large classrooms that students at the back of the room have difficulty hearing the tutor at the front of the class, because the Sound reverberates around the room. We have a solution to resolve this.

All of these problems are easy to solve with our acoustic treatments. We have many options and product type available.

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