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Creating a sound experience

When designing your new building whether for business or your beautiful new dream home have you ever asked your architect how will my building sound? We all focus on how things look but forget to think how our new space will react to sound and noise. With amazing design numerous sleek flat surfaces, open plan spaces, incorporating plenty of glass, with high ceilings, these building do not respond well to sound. These buildings look amazing but as architects more often then not fail to include sound absorption applications in their design, they sound awful. When all is complete it is quickly discovered the reverberation/echo within, there has been no consideration to incorporate materials to absorb sound. We at Pinnacle Sound believe good sound is good business and good living, clients stay longer and home owners are more relaxed enjoying their experience. Our society is mainly ocular, we forget that sound can affect our experiences, this happens in many large new developments airports, restaurants, hospitals, schools and much more.

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