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Noise Travel

Unwanted sound, noise, finds weak flanking paths to travel through. When carrying out noise reduction treatments you need to treat all weak areas, to gain the best results. Not treating flanking paths simply pushes the unwanted sound from one area to another, in some cases making the situation even worse. Flanking treatments are vital to all noise reduction applications.

Why does Dot and dab causes so many issues with noise ?

Unfortunately, dot and dab applications allow the sound to resonate behind the boards, along with the plasterboard adhesive connection to the party wall meaning the noise can be heard. So it is not necessarily that you have noisy neighbours it is just the application within your home is amplifying the unwanted sounds, causing you to suffer from noise. We always need to remove these dot and dab applications ahead of our works. It is necessary to isolate and insulate areas being treated. In our opinion just adding mass onto the problems does not achieve the highest results. To reduce noise you require a combination of high quality products, applied correctly, and treat any weak flanking paths.

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